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Web design, web development, web hosting, ADSL Make use of the seven years’ experience of our company.

If you would like to have high quality and easily accessible solutions for meeting your goals, contact us.
RG Studio, and the Internet works for You.


Innovációs csoport stratégiai partnere.


Magyar Internet Média és Web Díj 2009


Heim Pál Gyermekkórház

RG Stúdió feladatának tekinti a környezettudatos gondolkodás népszerüsítését.

Our services:

Web design
Aesthetic quality and  ergonomics. Like in many other fields, both of these constituents are necessary in the case of efficient web pages.  
If You would like to have a well-functioning web page, take advantage of our company’s graphic and programming experience streching back for years.

Creating a Web Page
Nowadays the web page has grown itself to be a communication and marketing tool which cannot be left out when addressing customers. You should not leave it out, either.

Webhosting Service
Our webstore services provide opportunities for our Partners to operate their webpage with the help of high quality and cost-effective solutions.

Our products:

The Magicon Contents Operating System

With the help of the Magicon contents operating system (CMS) you can construct your web page without having programming skills.

Iris Web Camera Watching System

It is a web camera watching system which functions with cameras so You can tail after your investments via the internet.

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